• How to Make a Gravity Bong Bowl

    While there are many ways to create a gravity bong bowl, we’ll cover the three most popular and easy-to-make methods. These methods require minimal materials and can be made in just a few seconds.
  • How to Make a Glass Gravity Bong

    With only a small bit of stoner ingenuity, in under 10 minutes you can create an elegant, cleaner, smoother hitting glass gravity bong from almost any glass bottle.
  • What is a Gravity Bong and How Do You Use It?

    Gravity bongs have developed a reputation among cannabis users due to their ability to provide large, intense hits using only small amounts of herb. 
  • ¿Qué es un Gallant Greeb y cómo se utiliza?

    Un Greeb es un cuenco que se utiliza para bongs de gravedad. Tradicionalmente, los cuencos utilizados para un bong de gravedad se elaboran con tapas de botellas quemadas, llaves de tubo o cuencos de vidrio. Un Gallant Greeb está diseñado específicamente como una alternativa mejorada para reemplazar estos enchufes caseros.